Speed Up My PC is yet another registry cleaner on the market that promises to improve the running speed of your computer offered by Uniblue. It is ranked #5 of the top 5 registry cleaners out there for this year.
  • Easy, one click instructions
  • Manage start up programs
  • Easy to read list of problems found
  • Low Cost
  • Perfect for those who are not tech savvy
Special Features:
Speed Up My PC is getting more and more attention as far as registry cleaners go, with advertisements found throughout the web and on television. One of the best features that Speed Up My PC offers is the ease of use that it gives consumers. It is simple to install and includes simple instructions that anyone can understand.
Among the many aspects that Speed Up My PC offers is the option to manage start up programs that can help increase the speed of the PC initially. This is a problem that most people have, and Speed Up My PC addresses this concern.

Uniblue’s SpeedUpMyPC: the Best Solution to a Sluggish PC

Having a fast computer system is such a big deal, especially for those who use computers for their job. Even those who are using it for personal purposes, a slow computer is very frustrating. Computer systems tend to slow down whenever a user adds or downloads more applications to the computer, there are many rouge downloads available today in the web-based environment that contains viruses and trojans that the downloader doesn’t even know. Even just by updating the operating system which can tax the system’s memory heavily can slow down the computer’s processing power.
All of the abovementioned problems usually occur without even the knowledge of the computer user, especially those who are not computer savvy. However, the computer can be upgraded but this is very costly and doing system upgrades every time the computer slows down is such a pain in the neck. The best way to solve the problem is by having a PC cleaner or a registry cleaner to optimize the computer system; and SpeedUpMyPC addresses the problem well.
SpeedUpMyPC Scan
SpeedUpMyPC is yet another kind of a registry cleaner created by Uniblue, an award winning international company that specifically creates software and applications that improves computer system’s speed and stability. From the software’s name itself, the specific job of SpeedUpMyPC is to make your computer system work faster. This software aims to yield a powerful tool to optimize and improve the computer system by identifying the processes, files and settings of the computer that causes the slow down. SpeedUpMyPC, just like other registry cleaners, includes the following functions:
  • Performs system scan in the computer and identifies system errors, junk files other problems that causes computer slow down or crashes.
  • Optimizes computer system by eradicating unused and infected files or restoring system errors.
  • Executes thorough scanning regularly of the computer system to prevent crashes and freezing so that the computer can do a better performance.
Among these functions mentioned above, SpeedUpMyPC also includes special features that can optimize well the system of the computer, as well as the internet connection. The software is more likely used by those who uses or surfs the internet frequently. Aside from scanning and checking for errors, the software SpeedUpMyPC guarantees consumers with its special features:
CPU Management– Manages the CPU to prevent unnecessary processes and usage of memory and enhance the use of the system and have optimum performance. It provides the user two options, there’s the Free Up RAM option that allows user to release unused memory; and the other option is the Deep RAM Recovery that scans deeper for memory that can be freed up.
Hard Disk Drive Management– This feature tends to manage the hard disk drive of the computer and prevent or remove any unnecessary files, temps and junks file that causes slow performance of the computer system.
Internet Speedup– SpeedUpMyPC includes a web button that allows the user to optimize the current bandwidth utilization, regardless of the type of internet connection used. It optimizes the internet or connection settings using the same principles of speeding up other programs. The software checks on the computers speed and adjust the registry setting for optimum network use.
Startup Management– Speeds up boot time of the computer by allowing the user to manage the startup programs and utilities. Users are given capabilities to choose a program that can start automatically on startup and prevent those unnecessary application to run during boot time, thus enhances the system.
  • File Clean Up – Performs the eradication of the computer’s junk files and program fragments that causes the reduction of the computer system’s performance.
  • Window’s Privacy – This feature is a Privacy Protector that removes numerous undesirable internet files such as Web History, Cookies, Typed URLs and temporary files. Some of these files are very difficult to delete and the use of SpeedUpMyPC software enables user to delete these unnecessary internet files.
  • File Shredder – A special feature of the software that allows the user to scan for files and application that were not uninstalled or deleted properly. And even delete useless remnants from the deleted files that clutter up the system.
  • UNINSTALL Manager –Performs the process of uninstalling all undesirable or unused applications in the computer that causes slow system performance.
SpeedUpMyPC Scan 2
The software has a user-friendly interface, very intuitive and self-explanatory, that even a novice user can operate such program without any hassle at all. Though at first look it seems like difficult to use, but after reading all the tabs and the processes it does, it becomes very easy to understand and utilize. SppedUpMyPC allows the user to monitor the computer resources effortlessly and optimize them as necessary. The software also offers free updates of the system to provide more protections against latest problems.
Despite all the features given by the software, SpeedUpMyPC appears to be a “blind” application. The processes and the procedures that the software does are not really clear to the users. After the software performs a scan, it provides the users options on what to do but blindfolded on what happened during the process. The software does detect numbers of problems and potential threats but it does not include more details about the locations and the reason of the threat found. Also whenever the software is launched, it performs a scan automatically and there is no stop/cancel button, thus you have to wait for the scan to be finished. However, SpeedUpMyPC does a nice job on enhancing the performance of the computer system and internet connection.
Uniblue offers a free trial version for the consumers to try and download through the internet, but of course with various limitations on functions and performance. The demo version only enables one active rule of the software, and performs the first two tweaks applied in the computer, the first junk files detected are the only one deleted and removed. Users of the demo version usually give low ratings and not so good comment. Though the demo version is a great use and may give little enhancement on your computer, purchasing the full version of SpeedUpMyPC, costing $29.95, is more recommended to utilize the software well and detect more problems and of course resolve it. Purchasing the full version, however, gives the software commendable comments and ratings from the consumers. The following are the ratings made:
Ease of Installation – 5.0 out of 5.0
SpeedUpMyPC is easily installed in the computer; even the beginners can do the installation without any hassle at all. During the installation, it provides you comprehensible and straightforward instructions on how to install the software. The standard requirement for the installation is a 400MHz Intel Pentium processor, 256 MB RAM, and 100 MB free hard disk space that can be met easily with computers having Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating system.
Set of Useful Features – 3.5 out of 5.0
The software provides consumers significant features that are very useful in speeding up the computer system. Managing the CPU processes and space is one of its nice remarkable features, CPU handles all the system and managing it does enhance the computer’s performance. As well as having the Uninstall Manager and Privacy system in the internet are also features of the program that others don’t have. But still, the software does not offer a scheduler that would be nicer to have to allow the user operate the software with convenience. However, with its optimizing wizard, the user is given opportunities to select what programs to disable as windows loads.
Ease of Use – 4.0 out of 5.0
After installing the software, SpeedUpMyPC automatically stars and provides several suggestion and instructions on how to improve the computer system’s performance. These instructions are uncomplicated and simple to comprehend and the suggestions given appear to be sound. Its user-friendly interface makes it more likely to use, and the settings are easily understand.
Customer Service and Support – 3.0 out of 5.0
Uniblue offers Online Knowledge-base or FAQ support dashboard on their website in case consumers faces problems or has some questions about using SpeedUpMyPC software. The company had also provided product manuals for the users that can also be downloaded. Though the company offered their email address to contact them for general inquiries and suggestions, a Customer or Technical Support that can be contacted through phone would be much better especially for those who are not really tech savvy and more likely to talk the problem through phone.
Safety and Security – 3.5 out of 5.0
Though the software is very easy to install and use, it still has security problems. As mentioned above, its does detects numerous errors and problems but unable to give details and information about the errors and problems detected making the user blind of what were deleted or taken from the computer. But in general, the software is safe to use.
SpeedUpMyPC Scan 3
In conclusion, SpeedUpMyPC does its functions well as what it is created for and affects the system in a positive way. Using the software would really enhance the speed of the computer’s system and also the internet connection and startup time. A huge plus of this software is that it does not require consumers to understand the working of the computers unlike other software. Purchasing the software is easy and Uniblue Company offers a 30 day money back guarantee. It is not cheap and neither expensive, but it’s really worth the spending to have peace of mind.