Funny Pictures

 Photofunia is an online photo editing tool that based on a cloud and gives the users with a lot of fun filled experience. It offers abundant of new photo effects every day such as you can put your face on a stamp, a billboard, or on a museum like a work of popular artists. It also offers free photo effects, photo edit software, free photo editing, and photo posters. 
With photofunia effects you can make various experiments with your photos and share them with your friends and colleagues. You just have to upload your photo and wait for a few second to see the incredible change of your image. The application is well equipped with technology that can identify the face in the photo that you upload and then it is up to you to add certain effects to make it look different.
 Photo funia is the one and only online photo editing tool that offers more than 150 scenes to play with. You can follow photofunia on Twitter, like them on Facebook so you can still get the current news from photofunia. Just in case you have not know that photofunia was found on the 11th August 2007 so it has been 5 years work to help you fun with your photos.