Facebook is one of the most attractive keywords of Computer Hacking and so, large number of Facebook users are visiting Computer Hacking. .

Well, Facebook Hacker is a multi-functional software used to hack facebook account. Actually, you can't hack facebook password, but yes, cause many nuisance and pranks by using this Facebook Hacker software.

Hack Facebook Accounts with Facebook Hacker

1. First of all Download Facebook Hacker software. 

2. Now, run Facebook Hacker.exe file to see:

Login to your Facebook account and then hit on OK at right bottom.

3. Now, Facebook Hacker options are displayed as shown:

4. In Victim pane at left bottom, enter the facebook ID of the victim you wanna hack in User ID field.

5. Now, using this Facebook Hacker software you can:
  • Flood wall of victim.
  • Spam his message box.
  • Comment on him like crazy.
  • Poke him and even add mass likes.

Thus, you can play such pranks with your friends using this Facebook Hacker. So, free download Facebook Hacker and trick out your friends.

That's all. Hope you will enjoy using this tool. I have tried this Facebook hacker software and found working perfect for me. 

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