When you search of any software or files or PDF files you may get answers from internet forums. Forums are good for downloads because when someone post something, people often comment about it. so you can be sure that software, Doc or ebook is going to satisfy your need. But most forums doesn't allow people to read their posts without getting a membership. you have to register on those sites and get a username and password to access. Those times you will probably find some another site or link rather than registering. because there is no guarantee that you will get the correct answer from that thread after you registered on that site. Here im going to show you how to access any forum without username and passwords.

First of all im not recommending you to get details without registering on a forum. because there are many valuable forums in the web. so if you have registered as a user, you can get notifications about new posts and ask questions from other members and share your experience with other people. if you just want your information, use this simple forum hack.

In this trick we will use a computer program called Google bot. websites and forums might not give access to unregistered people to visit their site. but they allow google bot or any other search engine bot to enter for search engine crawling purposes. If that web site or forum will see us as a search engine crawler bot, they will allows us to enter. that is the main loose position we are going to use.

First download User agent Switcher add-on for firefox

After installing you have to create a new user agent for google bot. you will find user agent switcher on your main tool bar or tools menu.
go to options and add this agent.

and in user agent field type:
Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html)

Now you are a Google bot :) you have no restrictions to any site. browse s you wish