How to Hack Gmail Password By Phishing Page
Hello Friends,
After a lot of request from my readers. I will coming with this Gmail password hacking tutorial. So first of all you have to know about what is Phishing? and how this Phishing Page works?
What is Phishing?                                                                                                                  Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by a fake page. i.e. in the phishing we create the fake login page which is a clone of the original page. Phishing is used for criminal activities for stealing the Username, Password,Credits Card information, Personal information etc
How the Phishing Page Works?
When a user types a Username Password in the the text box of phishing page ,The info is sent to "mail.php" which acts as a password logger and redirects the page to the original address of gmail. so that the victim does not know that yoursite is a fake/Phishing site and gets his password hacked.
This tutorial is only for Educational purpose don’t misuse it will Not Hold any responsibility.

Step 1:- At this step we need to Phishing page, Download the gmail phishing page From Here.
After Download Extract the Phishing package, in this package there are three files.
1. Gmail.html [Phishing Page for Gmail ]
2. Mail.php [ This file will redirect you phishing page and password ]
3. log.txt [ This text file is used to store the password]
Step 2:-  In this Step create a free account on any free web-hosting site. below are the free webhost website.
I used here

  • First of all create a free account on after this login into your account. and click on new directory and give the directory name and click on tick mark, This directory will created on the root folder.

  • gmail1
  • After this press the back button and click on the new created directory and than click to upload button and upload the all files which you download in the first step.

  • gmail2
    Step 3:- Now open the gmail.html page by clicking on the open link. 
    Step 4:- Copy the web address from the address bar and than open and rename the long web address into in short address.
    Step 5:- In this Step we create a new gmail account, after created the gmail account go to Settings<Accounts and Import<Send mail as< and click on edit info. On the popup box enter the name of gmail account which is shown when we send the email to another. For exam we give the name like gmail supportgmail mail support,gmail admin etc
    Step 6:- In this step we send the phishing page to the victim account. enter the message which you want to send the victim account. here I will give you one example.
    Subject:  Notice: Please Verify your Gmail Account
    Message: We have seen illegal activity from your account. please verify your account within three days other we have to lock your email account.
    For verifying visit here [ give your link here ]
    Step 7:- When the victim read the message and click on the phishing page and enter  the username password. The username and password are stored on the log.txt file. We can see any time the stored password on log.txtby open the log.txt file on your hosting area[].
    If you have any problem regarding this tutorial feel free to comment below!!!