Recently i had posted about Facebook status Spam “Revolving Images”. it seems once you get affected by it, you will see you are getting automatic status updates on your wall. To do this, the SPAM is using Facebook feature called “Upload Via E-mail”. fortunately Facebook allows you to change that email any time. this was pointed by one of your reader Pulkit Kaushik. he has already written a ‘Fix’ to this issue. so lets see how you can block that SPAM form auto posting on your wall.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: In the “Upload Via Email“ Section, Click “Find out more“.
Step 3: In the POP-up window look for “Tip”, in this section you will find “refresh your upload email” link after the Tip.
Step 4: Click on that link that says “refresh your upload email” and then click Reset. That’s it.