Encyclopaedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2011 is like having a complete reference library right at your fingertips. Its contents would easily fill a large bookcase – and now you can have this vast trove of information on your personal computer. With three complete age-appropriate Encyclopaedias, two dictionaries and thesauruses, rich multimedia, interactive article and media tours, homework tools, a complete atlas, timelines, online magazines, and more, the Ultimate Reference Suite is the knowledge you need from the world’s most trusted source.
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010 Ultimate Edition DVD. For Student and Home Use. When you need the facts, turn to the 2010 Britannica Ultimate Reference DVD for trusted information written by Nobel laureates, historians, curators, professors, and other noted authorities. From the youngest student to the curious adult to the most advanced researcher, users of every level will find what they need. Three age appropriate encyclopedias; interactive tutorials in math, science, social studies, and other subjects; homework help; and other essential learning tools make it the most complete reference source available.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2011 Includes:
* Encyclopaedia Britannica
Access the world’s most trusted and authoritative information, featuring over 90,000 articles from the 32-volume Encyclop?dia Britannica print set.
* Britannica Student Encyclopedia
Find information easily in over 16,000 entries that are tailored to school subjects.
* Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia
Instill a look-it-up habit that will stay with students in school and in life.
* Book of the Year
Explore notable events in 11,968 articles covering science, politics, sports, and more from 1993 – 2009.
* Homework Helpdesk
A collection of useful homework resources including a video subject browse, online learning games and activities, online subject spotlights, and how-to documents on topics such as writing a book review.
* Online Learning Games and Activities
Hundreds of fun and interactive games and activities to help students with subjects like Math, Science, and Social Studies.
* Two Complete Dictionaries and Thesauruses from Merriam-Webster®
Together, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® and Student Dictionaries and Thesauruses provide access to 405,000 definitions, synonyms and antonyms.
* Merriam-Webster’s Spanish-English Translation Dictionary
Translate an English word to Spanish and a Spanish word to English with the click of the mouse.
*World Atlas
Take a tour of the world through more than 2,900 maps linked to articles about countries, economies, cultures, and national statistics.
* Timelines
Watch history unfold with timelines that show the people, events, and discoveries of the past.
* Britannica BrainStormer
Discover new ideas and relationships between topics with this interactive tool.
* Britannica Classics
Discover new ideas and relationships between topics with this interactive tool.
* Explore
Easily browse through Videos, Britannica Classics, Classical Music, and more.
* Explore Feature! Heroes & Villains
The “Heroes & Villains” feature provides easy access to more than 600 biographies covering the world’s heroes and villains throughout time.
* Virtual Notecards
Take and save notes from your articles on a virtual notecard. Notes are printable, which makes your research easier, more productive and portable.
* Britannica Workspace
Save articles, images, video, and more in one convenient location to help keep your research organised.
* Rich Multimedia
View vivid illustrations with over 38,000 images, video, and audio that bring fascinating topics to life.
* Additional Videos, Web Links, and Magazines Online
Link to 166,000 sites you can trust-selected by Britannica editors-plus links to thousands of videos and magazines for a wealth of additional information.
Content Counts:
* 105,959 articles/59,863,461 words
* 75,907 Encyclopaedia Britannica
* 15,994 Britannica Student Encyclopaedia
* 2,752 Britannica Elementary Encyclopaedia
* 81 Britannica Classics
* 11,225 Britannica Book of the Year (1993-2008)
* 33,927 photos, illustrations, tables, and special comps

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