LikeList v1.2 – GET HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of visitors and FB page fans EASILY with this script!!! | Demo
“This is really the EASIEST way to gain access to Facebook’s MASSIVE traffic!”

But WHAT IS this script?
I’ll clarify it austerely. What this does is to help you easily make a quotes website that Facebook users can “like” and that is heavily focused around this. Since the stuff they like show up in their FB profile and consequently in the news feed of their friends, this makes the total website EXTREMELY viral! Except of text quotes, there can also be pictures and youtube videos! Also, websites made with LikeList are sentenced to live and grow on autopilot because users add their own content!
The other huge part of LikeList is that all the entries of your sites are really FACEBOOK PAGES. This means that if the top 50 entries have been liked by 100.000 people, then you have 50 PAGES WITH 100.000 FANS, that you can send updates AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! And since the total website is built around liking things, these numbers are easily achievable! You’ll have a HUGE userbase in no time!
Some numbers I’ve achieved by just testing this in a limited population country like Greece:
On just a test website, I have up to 25.000 daily unique visitors and also got over 20.000 fans in more 50 FB pages and that’s with less than 2 hours of work of background it and just spreading it in my immediate social circle (I haven’t tried to actively promote this yet)…. Imagine what YOU can achieve.
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