Facebook is one of the most widely used Social Networking website by many teenagers across the world . most of them are now a days making the fake accounts both for abuse or maintaining secret relations. So, it’s no wonder many people want to know how to hack a Facebook account.
now i will show you some of the working and best ways to hack a Facebook account
now a days the security standards are greatly increased even the brute force attacks don’t work don’t get fooled there are so many people who try to fool the people by telling them to hack Facebook and any other service like orkut ,gmail,yahoo, orkut, there are only at most 5 ways to hack into these but newbie can at most use 3 types you must learn so much to try 4-5 ways and these 4-5 ways are almost have 99 % success rate
In this post i am going to discuss 3 fool proof methods and some intro abt the remaining 4th and 5th methods


The easy way to hack in to the Facebook account is through keyloggers
check this post i have covered all the topics about key loggers and using them to hack Facebook accounts
Hacking with Keyloggers :Topics covered
1. What is a keylogger?
2. Where to get the key logger programs and download links
3. How to install a keylogger
4.what to do when you don’t have the physical access
5. What to do target OR victim refuses to run the file?
6.Which is the best spying or keylogger soft

2. how to hack Facebook using the Trojan

This is same as the keyloggers if u want more control over the victom then u can use trojans (Rats) these are remote administrator tools which give the complete control over the victim system
check this post : how to use the trojans to hack Facebook
i covered full topics on using the trojans
1. What is a trojan?

2. Where to get the trojan programs and download links

3. How to install a trojan

4.what to do when you don’t have the physical access

5. What to do target OR victom refuses to run the file?

6.Which is the best trojans or rat software


PHISHING is the most commonly used method to hack into any web based systems like orkut ,gmail ,yahoo.
phishing is proved the best and easy way to hack into any web based system u can even hack into Facebook it has high success rate . And also there is no need of any scripting knowledge like html just upload the page to any free hosting accounts and send to the victim.
if u want the Facebook fake page go to here :

4-5 th method of hacking into Facebook

These methods are very complicated and canot be used by the new bies this involves finding the vonerabilities and exploiting them to gain the tool access
this has very high success rate the only difficult part is to find the ip of the victim
If you just wanna give a try these software : metasploit
6 : NEW Face book hacks
FBController – The Ultimate Utility to Control Facebook Accounts

You need to feed it biscuits (cookies) before you can do anything.
You can get the target’s cookie by sniffing, XSS, social engineering, ARP Poison-Sniffing, Scroogle search or however you like.
Once you have the cookies you can use FBController to have Full control over the target’s Facebook account.
Login to your Facebook account and sniff your own cookie OR collect a few live Facebook Biscuit/s of your Target/s.
Till now FBController version 1.0 uses your Target’s provided cookie and only :
A > Downloads the HomePage.
B > Allows you to Update the Target’s Wall and
C > Retrieve your Target’s Friend’s List
There are many APIs available to write apps and 3rd party Tools for FB in Java, Perl, .NET, etc.
FBConTroller was entirely written without knowing any of Facebook’s Dev API’s. Considering the above along with Facebook’s complexity, the next version might take some time to get released
You can download FBController here:
happy hacking :)