Garena Hack 5.7c

Released a new Garena Hack 5.7c.

Garena Hack 5.7c:
- Protection not see running hacks
- Hack is running version 1.23 & 1.24
- No message at the beginning where it is written that your ACC banned ..
- Gold 100 Exp 15 min Basic 50 exp even when you do not play
- No need to wait 5 seconds that would go into the room
- Flooding can be non-stop

Instructions for use:
1) Run the downloaded file in garena.exe folder and log in using your login Garen
2) In the folder with the downloaded Garena Haq Find the file Launch.bat through it we will run!
3) After clicking on Launch.bat blue window will appear where you must select the option for which version Var3 its run or even separately!
4) In this blue box, click 1 and enter, then we test fails, skip it and press any key)
5) Everything is ready:
Go through Launch.bat only the folder.

Size: 13.03 Mb



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