This quick tutorial demonstrates how to develop your own functional IM bot that works with Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live and all other popular instant messaging programs.
To begin with, only to learn some basic programming skills (any language that do) and web space to host your bot.
@For this example, I created a dummy bot called "dangerous" to listen to your instant messages. To see this live, add your GTalk contact list and start chatting

If you want to write a personal IM bot, just follow these simple steps: -
Step 1: Go and register a new account of the bot.
Step 2: Now is the time to create a bot that is a very simple script that resides on the public web server.
It could be PHP, Perl, Python or other languages.
Hello World example bot:
The example shows how easy it is to create a bot.
This example is coded in PHP.
switch ($ _REQUEST [step ']) {
Case 1:
echo "Hello, what's your name?"
Table 2:
echo "Hello". $ _REQUEST ['Value1']. "Where do you live?"
Case 3:
echo "Well, welcome to this world bot hello." $ _REQUEST ['Value1']. " <br> of ". $ _REQUEST ['value2'].". <reset> "
Step 3: Once the script is ready, put it somewhere on your web server and copy the complete URL in the clipboard.
Step 4: Now, signed imified paste the script into the URL
Screen Name:
Search Engine Script URL:
Step 5: Add to that, im a robot buddy list. That's it.
This is a very simple robot, but the possibilities are endless.
For example, you can write a bot that sends e-mail to all close friends through a simple IM message. Or you can write a will does currency exchange.